A New Age/Note to Newcomers

It's almost been two years since the last discussion post and most importantly, an actual update to the Arcane Legends wiki. For maybe around a month, I've been going around making some edits and revisions to some popular pages like Nekro and the pet category as a whole so if anyone is reading this, I probably need your help on a few pages. Mainly the new Arcanite and Heroic pet pages because there are literally 150 of 'em we need to do. One man will certainly go insane doing all these by himself. So please, if you're a newcomer and you love Arcane Legends, lend a helping hand to the community. But, if you don't have the time, well, I understand and obviously everyone has a life of their own. On that note, I thank you for your time. Hopefully the edits we make will come to good use.

(This will remain a huge project I'll continue long into 2019)