Each class has its own set of armor. Armor will give you boosts in stats, including health, armor (mostly), mana, attack, etc. Having armor is a general requirement, due to the fact it makes up most of your stats. Armor can also give you stylish new looks. Without further ado, let's look at some of the classes and what armor they like.


The Warrior sports tough, hard armor, most commonly increasing high amounts of strength, health, and armor, as the Warrior is the class that is able to take most hits, while the Rogues and Sorcerers attack from behind. The armor symbol is a chestplate and the helmet symbol is a coif. The armor is mostly red or blue colored when you start the game.


The Rogue, usually sneaky and good at dodging, uses light, soft armor, enhancing dexterity and strength, and yet still provides armor. A Rogue should be able to take hits over and over again, but they should be able to dodge over half of them if you have a high enough dexterity level. The armor symbol is a vest, and the helmet symbol is a topper. The armor is mostly green or red at the start of the game.


The Sorcerer harnesses the wisdom of nature with mana boosting armors, allowing him to dish out spells at a rapid pace without stopping. With this class, armor is crucial. Most commonly, Sorcerers do not have high health, making more need for health and armor. The armor tends to boost mana. At the start of the game, the armor is either blue or purple.

Vanity is also a type of armor. It can give your character a new look, making you look like a pro (or a noob in some cases).