Captain Bloodhammer is one of the captains of the Aegis Pirates.

He is the primary antagonist of the Kraken Isles campaign. He is battled twice, once in the Southern Seas and then in Skull Cove.  where he was nearly killed but escaped. He later raided Skull Cove, where he was killed. The source of his power was from one of the three Gleipnir shards, which he obtained from the deceased pirate queen, Himingleva. He later returned during the Dimensional Gladiator Games as one of the bosses.

Southern SeasEdit

In Southern Seas, Captain Bloodhammer is first battled. Before directly battling him, he will send pirates to battle the Hero. After a while he will appear and attack the Hero. In this stage, he will not be killed, instead he will flee after his health has been reduced and will leave chests as he flees.

Skull CoveEdit

In Skull Cove, Captain Bloodhammer is battled again. This time he must be killed. Besides having pirates at his side, he has a cannon in his right hand/flipper of which he will use to attempt to kill the hero.