Intro to the Classes

In Arcane Legends, there are three classes, being, in order of display when you are choosing one as a new player, Warrior, Rogue and Sorcerer. Each class has its individual skills and strengths. A Warrior has high health, a Rogue can dodge more than other classes, and Sorcerers can cast spells in rapid succession. Each class's damage is put under its specialty: Warrior under Strength, Rogue under Dexterity and Sorcerer under Intelligence.


The Warrior is known for being best at 'Tanking', a phrase used for a character who is good at handling a large amount of damage being directed at them. As a result of this, in maps where mobs deal enough damage to wipe out the other classes in one fell swoop, the warriors are the ones who charge first. Warriors have hence gained the nickname 'Tank' overall because of their considerable high health points. It has also been noted that in official PvP matches, Warriors on each team will always run into the clash first, allowing the Rogues and Mages to do Damage from behind. When the warrior dies, the other team mates tend to follow after quickly enough. Commonly, if you are a Warrior you would most likely upgrade your "Strength" stat most.


Whilst Warriors are known for their ability to Tank, a Rogue's specialty lies in their ability to deal a large amount of damage in a minimal amount of time and with a very small number of attacks. Rogues are also known for having excellent damage per second dealings(DPS), meaning that a Rogue can get in several hits in quick succession. This ability helps in maps where the bosses deal plenty of damage but have moderate damage tolerance. It has also been noted that PvP maps are considered a well geared Rogue's domain. Their ability to deal astounding damage paired with a Warriors ability to make up for their somewhat middling health tolerance make them a frightening pair up in PvP matches. The Rogue specializes in Dexterity.


Sorcerers have one especially envy worthy ability which everyone acknowledges. That being known as 'Crowd Control' because almost all the sorcerer's mana based skills can affect more than one enemy at one go, a very good skill in maps where mobs rain down seemingly boundlessly, an example being the fourth map in Watcher's Tomb. Sorcerer's have low tolerance for damage but make up for it with their ability to take out more than one enemy in one shot. They are also the only class which can give mana to other allies with their heal, handy for Rogue's and Warrior who rely on mana based skills to do the majority of their damage. They also do a large amount of damage with their abilities which don't attribute to 'Crowd Control' such as 'Lightning Strike' which can cause bosses to topple after a well planned sequence attack. It has been noted that mages, given the right skills, can wipe out other classes in PvP while taking almost no hits to themselves. Like Rogue's however, they depend on Warrior's to take the brute force given out by the opposing players. Sorcerers tend to increase their "Intelligence" stat most.


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