Daily quests are just like regular quests, but only given once per day and can be done multiple times. After completion, It is an exact 24 hours before you may take the quest again.

Daily Quest List* Edit

City of Windmoore & Brackenridge [1-14] Edit

[Weekly] Boltag's Weekly Quest

Reignbow Collection

Stolen Propety

Think of Me

Measuring The Arcane

The Bone Charms

The Bored Puppy

Potent Dyes

Twisted Rites

Traveler's Outpost & Ydra Forest [8-19] Edit

Minstrel's Tale

Dodo's Keepsakes

Breathing Fire

The Shredder

Great City of Kraag & Dead City [14-21] Edit

Running The Hauntlet

Black Hearts

Speak to Krobox

Under Fire

Silk Stalker


Speak to Noxxar

Paradise Pier, Kraken Isles & The Dragon's Jewel [21-36] Edit

Monkey Ball

Visit Aegir Island

A Miner Problem

Stronghold & Nordr [26-36] Edit

More Ice Crystals

Juggernauts of Nordr

Big Bad Wolf

All Too Uber

Heroes of Nordr

Unstoppable Force

Dungeon Crawlers

Light The Path

City of Keyls & Shuyal [30-41] Edit

Warped Fable

Whole Grains

[3 Day Elite] Ace of Cups

Dead Lights

[Elite] Planar Tombs Daily

Shadow Wolf Fangs

Shadow Cleansing

Armor Fragments

Expedition Camp & Tindrin [38-44] Edit

More Dragkin Scales

A Useful Conflict

Whelp Menace

Crystalline Energy

Hot Hot Hot!

Take Down The Tribe

Garetta Village & Glintstone Caverns [41-46] Edit

Boss Double Loot Elixer

The Fight Continues

Need more Gems!

Put Him To Rest

[Elite] Orc Annihilation

Chancel of Light & Graveyard [56-61] Edit

Graveyard Massacre

Studying the Horde

Grave Distractions

Cleansing the Mausoleum

Relic Recovery

Voriyana's Determination

Glintstone & Underhul [46-56] Edit

Securing Glintstone

Power of Dragons II

Volatile Stones

A New Brooch

Advanced Hibiscus Research

A Taste of Power

Festerfang Outpost & Festerfang Swamp [66-71] Edit

Eye of the Fly

Heart of the Hydra

Festerfang Relics

Rational Destruction

[Weekly] Festerfangs

House Quests Edit

Demon of the Dreamscape

A Signal Dream

A Lucid Dream

An Epic Dream

A Damning Dream

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