"Just try to hit me now! I dare you!"

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Ghul Bellybottom is the last boss of the Brackenridge campaign in Arcane Legends. He attacks in short bursts. Between which he goes to the portal to recharge his power. This recharge period is when the player should attack as he doesn't attack during this state. However, when Ghul is fully recharged, he will become enraged and immediately charge at the player, subsequently stunning and dealing damage. If the player does not defeat Ghul Bellybottom by the next 100 seconds, the first miniboss, Stabb, will burst through the first entrance on the very right of the room. Secondly, if Ghul is not defeated for another 50 seconds, Krax Wildstorm will burst through the second entrance next to the portal. Lastly, after another 60 seconds with Ghul still not defeated, Thunk One-Eye will enter through which Krax came in.

Other Info Edit

  • TL;DR:
    • Stabb will show after 100 seconds in the battle.
    • Krax will show after another 50 seconds.
    • Thunk will show after another 60 seconds.
    • ~210 seconds total for all minibosses to show.

The minibosses won't disappear if they're reset.

  • Achievements: If the player defeats Ghul Bellybottom for the very first time, the player will be rewarded with the "Speed Slayer" achievement.

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