"Me have bridge to care fer! No time fer dis!"
- Klutus

About Edit

Klutus is the third boss of Rooks' Nest. When fought, Klutus will use three attacks which are: ground pound, club swing, and overhead club swing. Ground pound has a chance to stun and deal damage. Club swing, the standard attack, deals damage and knockback. Overhead club swing, his most powerful ability, does the most damage, has the longest charge time, has the biggest knockback, and stun of any of his attacks. The player should try to keep a distance with Klutus unless he/she is a Warrior in which case they should charge in with the Juggernaut ability to maintain their health.

Other Info Edit

  • Spawning: To spawn Klutus, the player must defeat 41 mobs.
  • Achievement: If a player defeats Klutus first and Becquila second, they will earn the "Brained before Beauty" achievement.
  • Loot: Has a chance at dropping Blight's Egg.

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