Realm of ShadowsEdit

The story,

Centuries ago the people of Shuyal were delving deeper in to the realms of sorcery than mortals were ever supposed to. Their inexperienced meddling unleashed a terrible evil, filled with an insatiable hunger and the power to devour their world. The people of Shuyal were defenseless against such a force and their world was quickly covered in the shadow that followed Inan’hesh, the devourer of worlds. Desperate, the Shuyal people performed a powerful ritual, opening a portal to another world. As the survivors fled through the portal, their strongest sorcerers made the ultimate sacrifice, slowing down Inan’hesh and then sealing the portal, keeping the new world out of his grasp.

On Arlor, the Shuyal people became known as the Nott. The guardian of the portal key, Vili, became one of Arlor’s most revered heroes. He broke the key to the portal into three fragments and gave two pieces to his friends, Uller, the Nordrman and Himingleva, the pirate queen. Now the key has been reunited by the Legend of Arlor and a choice has to be made. Open the portal and try to save Shuyal, risking the shadow of Inan’hesh seeping in to Arlor, or smash it and leave the Nott’ trapped in exile...


  • Level Cap Raised 5 levels to 36.
  • New Shuyal adventure area to explore.
  • New Bosses and opponents to fight, including Inan’hesh, the Devourer of Worlds!
  • New loot and gear to collect, including a Sorcerer Arcane Weapon!
  • New Quests and content that reveal the story of the Nott.
  • New Pets, Achievements and much more