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Thunk One-Eye is one of the bosses in Arcane Legends. In battle, Thunk will frequently charge his bow, sending a powerful arrow in the player's way. After several charges, Thunk will occasionally send an explosive arrow that will briefly stun the player. Thunk will usually try to avoid and distance with the player. This boss is also accompanied by a large number of minions. These minions consist of ordinary archers and warriors though their numbers can easily overwhelm an unsuspecting Rogue. The minions will continue to respawn until Thunk is defeated.

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  • Spawning: For Thunk to respawn, the player must defeat Jarl Gruwald and 42 mobs.
  • Achievement: If the player defeats this boss for the very first time, they will be rewarded with the "Thunk One-Eye" achievement.
  • Bugs: In version v2.0.0 (November 2018), Thunk will try to attack the player from the opposite direction the player is in and sometimes the charged attacks won't register even if the player is directly in it's AoE (though this might be due to ping or lag). This bug is also attributed to the corresponding miniboss in the Gold Mine.

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